I don’t meditate to become a different person. I meditate so I can be the same person who moves through life with a bit more ease.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2018 by Laurasia Mattingly, zenAF is a new movement based on the idea that one can meditate anytime and anywhere…. and that mindfulness can be incorporated no matter who you are. You don’t have to be a vegan or a yogi, or even remotely spiritual to incorporate mindfulness and mediation into your life.

Just be you!



Laurasia Mattingly is a certified (400 hr) meditation instructor and all-around badass with smiles for days. In addition to meditation, she’s a certified in Reik Master, certified in Tantra, and life coaching (yes, you could say she’s somewhat of a spiritual nerd). But it’s cool! Because after experiencing the kickass qualities of meditation to overcome her own obstacles in life, Laurasia now seeks to share the power of the practice with you. 

Following the loss of her mother, Laurasia began exploring her own spirituality as a means of working through her grief to find peace in the uncertainty of life. It was then that she discovered how meditation could transform, literally… everything. Through the magic of mindfulness, Laurasia was able to overcome her anxiety without popping pills she’d been prescribed as a child. This freed space for her to follow her intuition, be her (very extra) self, and manifest her dreams. Now no matter what life throws her way, no fender bender or fuck boy can fuck her up, because peace is only a few deep breaths away… 


Whether you are looking to Bless Up, Bliss Out, or Chill The F Out, Laurasia uses her mindfulness training to help clients find joy, peace, and happiness in the present moment. Through consistently cultivating these heart qualities, you’ll have the tools to conquer emotional obstacles and limiting beliefs to become a happy, focused, and well-balanced badass in every aspect of your life.

So let’s do this shit. 


After years of exploring her own spirituality, Laurasia has found her passion lies in teaching people to live by the way of the heart. Laurasia guides her students by sharing the tools to finding peace, joy, and ultimately happiness in the present moment. She remains committed to her practice by pursuing additional education through the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center's MAPs courses, and attending silent retreats annually. Laurasia has also completed UCLA Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Mindful Awareness Research Center's intensive practitioners program. Laurasia has led meditation at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Lightning In A Bottle Festival and collaborated on events with the Moet & Chandon, Scooter Braun Productions, and Soho House to name a few. Laurasia is also an ambassador for Lululemon. You can catch her classes locally at the DEN Mediation in Los Angeles.


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